Every stylist wants to upgrade to their own salon one day. If you are planning to do so, there are few things which you should take care of before going for the big step. So, let’s discuss seven mistakes saloon owners should avoid with a stunning solution by us:

Overpaying technicians

Initially, sometimes salon owners overpay the technicians in order to get the best workforce with them but later face difficulty with maintaining the paychecks. Being new in this business you should consider the paychecks which can really afford in the longer run.

Now you may think if not by paying more than how can you lure the best specialist to work with you? You can share your previous client-base and credibility with them and share your ideas on how your business will rise. This will definitely bring them in.

Setting up your business

It’d take a bit more of investment but don’t setup your salon in less crowded or less visible areas. Try setting up your salon in public places, inside or near mall, in the market or anywhere where you can grab people’s attention. This makes a huge difference and saves a tons of advertisement cost.

Buying bulk products in the starting

Don’t rush in buying too many products initially for your salon. Beauty and cosmetic products come with a short longevity and you don’t want to waste your products that too in the initial times.

Picking the wrong product lines

Your salon business depends on just one thing: your skills. That’s it. Your clients don’t care and most probably don’t even know which products you use. So, don’t invest in huge brands initially and burn your investment on high end products. Go for good quality budget-friendly products and give your best skills and efforts.

Not having a specific marketing strategy

Gone are the days when salon owners used to get organic customers by just owning a salon at crowded place. Now, you need to have a solid marketing, both for online as well as offline medium, for your business to grow rapidly.

Here are some points by which you market strongly:

  • Make sure you have your own website as it looks more professional and more promising with their services. Domain names are pretty cheap to buy these days and there are many companies who provide free hosting for a year. So, you can easily set your website.
  • Attend community events and do networking there. You will get some stunning leads there. Market your brand and yourself as the brand.
  • Referral codes are very famous these days. Give referral discounts to your existing customers to bring more and more customers.

A special point for social media marketing

One can ignore your ads on local newspapers and wall hoarding but can’t miss something on their screens. Put extra efforts on social media marketing. Get yourself registered with some good service providing companies like Justdial, UrbanClap, Sulekha etc. It aids your business. Update your social media pages regularly with regular discounts and offers to lure them initially.

Turning a deaf ear on employees

Last but not the least, don’t ignore your employees. You have got a good workforce with you, you don’t want to lose them. Listen to their problems and try to solve them as soon as you can. They can take your clients to newer salons too. Your brand image depends on them too. So, take care of them.

And with all the above problems, there comes a single solution to all of them. You don’t need to spend extra bucks on a manager or accountant because StoreZigo does everything for you. It provides:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Account Management
  • Employee Management
  • Stock Management
  • Multiple Store Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Tools

All at one place. So, manage your business efficiently with StoreZigo beauty software and grow your business speedily.

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