Everything is going digital in today’s world. From booking for several appointments, making payments and lots more, most of our work can be done on our devices. So, why the beauty industry not take the advantage of the digital world.

You can expect your business to grow by many folds as soon as you wield the power of technology in it. Sales have seen to boost several times when customer feedback are taken into consideration which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

When you think of opening a salon, all you have in mind is to showcase your talent and focus your energy and efforts on what you do best, wooing clients with your amazing talents. But that is not all that is to be done in running a successful salon which you might soon discover. Be it managing appointments or payments, the tasks that you have got to manage can be quite tiresome. By using technology, you can save time and we have been hearing all our lives, time is money. Here, Storezigo comes to your rescue and plenty of salons from small scale to large chains are digitizing their businesses. Depending on your requirements, the Beauty salon management software can provide you with services that will take care of tasks that tend to eat away your valuable time.

A round-the-clock available receptionist

Are you still dependent on paper and pen for noting down your appointments and other information? Is everything being managed manually in your business? You might be sacrificing a lot on your business’s rationality as well as on the services to the customers. Storezigo can provide useful tools for reliable scheduling of appointments and efficient management of client relationships. These tools offer convenience to the customer as well as to you as you don’t have to carry any appointment book around with you as the scheduler is right on your phone. Clients can book at their convenience and also without the thought of disturbing the owner of the salon at odd times. Storezigo offer tools to remind the clients of their scheduled appointments as well. These reminders have proven to improve sales and profits of the salon/ beauty parlor.

Better marketing

In downtime you can target your previous customer and offer then coupon and discounts. Automated reminder can remind the customer after the user defined time.


Provisions like feedback survey after every checkout helps the clients interact better with the people in the business. You can then improve on the aspects that your client might not like. This definitely helps in improving the business greatly. Plus a salon which welcomes negative remarks and improves upon them automatically stands out positively.

Gift cards

Offering gift cards to your regular customers will definitely be your plus over yourcompetitors. Your customers will perceive it as a bonus they will be getting out of their valued money. Those gift cards can be the best gift for a friend or a colleague. All of this can be achieved through Storezigo.

And it does not burns a hole in your pocket

Storezigo lets you sign up for free and offers you a 30 day free trial to let you test the software for free. After the trial period, you get to choose from two plans with absolutely nominal cost as compared to what those plans have got to offer.

It’s really easy to understand for your employees

You might not even need to train your employees to operate the software. It’s like everything is in front of their eyes, be it sales or purchases or customers, very simple but powerful tools.

Storezigon provies you all the tools required to give boost to your business but its on you how you use the tools. It also has tutorials and guides that how to use the tools and how you can keep up with the technology to scale your business.
So, one and all, having a good software can make your work more efficient and increase the sales of your salon altogether giving you the best experience and a software like Storezigo would be one of the best ones I would recommend.

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